Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Camel and Corvette thru a Nokia lens

The next-door visitor
On my way home on Sunday evening (November 6) I couldn’t believe we had a next-door visitor – a most beautiful camel.

It was Eid al-Adha, or Feast of the Sacrifice, and one of the families was having a party. They must have arranged for the camel and its handler to take children for rides. What a great idea.

The children were running in and out of the villa to take turns riding the camel. 

I had to stop and take pictures. It was a good opportunity to test my new Nokia N8 camera. 

Up close...
The camel was all decked up in its best finery. When I got up close, it was as though the camel was talking, the eyes were so expressive and it was making a kind of purring sound. I am not sure whether it was moaning and groaning sounds, pitched bleats, loud bellows or roars or simply a rumbling growl.

The camel and its handler
Two boys get up on the hump
Off they go for a ride around the block
Not a usual sight around Umm Suqeim
It was a good occasion to try out my new Nokia N8 camera, and I got clicking. But there wasn’t much time. Two boys jumped up on the hump and off they went for a ride around the block.

I still haven’t mastered how to transfer the photos from the phone to the computer via Bluetooth, so I had to email them to myself one at a time.

None of the kids seemed interested in the Corvette
There were all kinds of fancy cars around, and a topnotch Corvette. The kids, however, were definitely more interested in the camel… just the way it should be.