Monday, February 28, 2011

Red wins my Oscars

The Oscars don't mean much to me because I don't go to the movies.

I find sitting in a cinema for two hours, watching a film that is rarely worth it, an exercise in futility. And now you have mobile phones ringing, people eating as though it was their last meal and not able to keep quiet... Why would I do that to myself? The film will eventually be shown on TV or come out on DVD. At least at home I can switch it off when I want.

And then staying up all night to watch the Academy Awards is another thing I'll never do. To watch an UEFA Champions League game, yes! The NBA finals, yes! But...

So this morning, the fun was in looking at the dresses and "who" was wearing "what."

So much time, effort and money goes in dressing the actors, it's often disappointing to see the final result. The ballgowns are all fabulous but somehow need an attitude and an era to match them.

Most of the dresses look like my late grandmother's kitchen curtains or lace tablecloths. But then, for someone who buys her clothes at Carrefour... who am I to talk!!!

Jennifer Lawrence
Sandra Bullock
Haile Steinfeld


(Photos courtesy of the Mail Online where you can see more stars walk the red carpet)

My Oscars go to the ladies in red: Jennifer Lawrence, for her confidence in wearing such a simple and understated Calvin Klein number and pulling it off so well and Sandra Bullock, who was shining in Vera Wang. An Oscar also goes to Haile Steinfeld, the 14-year-old who helped design her 50s-style Marchesa dress and matched it with fabulous heels. 

Who gets your Oscars?
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