Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happiness is… waking up

Good morning, sabaho, bonjour... Looking out of my window
“Sharing is caring,” are three words I hear a lot, especially in the world of children. Is it because some have so much? Or is it to counter the mounting greediness and consumerism we see today? Whatever…
But sharing is the name of the game at Mich Café – sharing what I see, feel, read about, experience, where I venture or travel and what interests me.
It was fun taking random pictures with my gifted Nokia N8 and posting them on my Twitter timeline or Facebook page. Unfortunately, it fell in a swimming pool, forcing me to revert to my antiquated mobile. So, I’ll be posting these random pictures and my thoughts on what makes me happy every day here in Dubai.
This takes me back to the first post at Mich Café on July 16, 2010. I wrote then: “Looking out of the window is the way I start my morning. And over the years, I have been lucky to live in flats with great views that set a happy tone for the rest of the day.”

A kiss to start the day from the tireless lovebirds

Happiness is waking up in the morning. Waking up to the sun -- the “best friend” I came looking for in Dubai. Awakening to look out onto a beautiful garden, teeming with a palm tree starting to bear fruit in time for the Holy Month of Ramadan due to start on July 21; blackberry trees you can nibble on in March and April each year, colorful bougainvilleas and fragrant frangipani, fil and gardenia; four aviaries housing tireless lovebirds; and two dogs.
It’s difficult to walk out of the door without a smile on my face. What better way to start the day!
What makes your morning?

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