Thursday, June 21, 2012

My journey of passion turns two

Mich Café turned two last week.
When I pressed “Publish” on that first post on June 16, 2010, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I didn’t realize I was embarking on a journey of passion that would absorb every minute of my days.
I was reading so many interesting and diverse posts by friends and strangers all over the world and wanted to be part of this group that had so much to say and so many ideas. I also wanted to be part of the growing blogosphere in Lebanon aggregated by my friend Liliane Assaf (known as @FunkyOzzi on Twitter) on one of her several blogs, Lebanon Aggregator.
So on the blog’s second year, I was thrilled to be featured in RAGMAG, one of Lebanon’s most popular magazines.
Liliane started Lebanon Aggregator in 2006 to group all the “URLs of blogs written by bloggers, be it Lebanese or not, writing about Lebanon and living in Lebanon or not!” It now has more than 400 blogs listed.
Every month, Lebanon Aggregator picks three blogs around a certain theme to be included in RAGMAG magazine, which has dedicated two pages to the Lebanese blogosphere titled “World Vision.”
RAGMAG is a social, educational and entertainment Beirut-based periodical. Published by Gina Gabriel and edited by Fida Chaaban, it covers art, theater, film, nightlife, music, cuisine, fashion, health and more.
And now, 196 posts later, Mich Café has made it on the pages of the June edition of RAGMAG!
Everywhere I go, everything I see is now in relation to the blog, how it can be shared and what I can say about it.
With so much to read on the Internet, I thank my readers for dropping by Mich Café, coming back and commenting. You truly make it all worthwhile.
Thank you to Liliane for her kind words, Lebanon Aggregator and RAGMAG magazine for making it a great Blog Birthday!