Friday, September 28, 2012

Get family time with “A Day Offline”

Hamburger giant McDonald’s has called for “A Day Offline” to encourage families across the Gulf to turn off their mobiles, phones, computers and televisions today, Friday, and spend time together.
The Family Time forever campaign is excellent, but I know I won’t be participating because luckily I don’t have children and Friday is the only day I can catch up online with the rewards of connectivity, including news, research, human interaction and conversation.
Last year’s initiative reached thousands of families across the region. The 2012 edition is expected to generate even more awareness and bring attention to an issue that, according to the 2012 Regus Work-Life Balance Index, affects the majority of UAE business people. On the authority of the study, 57 percent of respondents believe they spend more time devoted to their work than to their families.
To help parents and children enjoy the day together, the brand’s fast food branches distributed phone vaults -- phone-sized containers with adhesive closures -- to help parents resist the temptation of checking mobile devices during family time.
To maintain interest and awareness throughout the remainder of the year, the chain launched its highly successful Family Fridays initiative, which features weekly in-store activities and entertainment for parents and children of all ages.
It will be interesting to find out how many people collected “phone vaults” and how many visited the establishments on September 28 to take up the “family time,” offers, albeit in fast food!
I hope “A Day Offline” is a McSuccess!