Monday, December 31, 2012

2013: Bring it on!

Not one to look backwards, it is with great anticipation that I go into this auspicious-numbered New Year.
Number 13 can be a lucky number for some or synonymous with bad luck for others. It’s like the case of the glass being half full or half empty... So I say, come on in 2013 and show us what you have in store.
Looking ahead to the New Year, here are a few hopes and wishes for the 12 months ahead:
I hope, first and foremost, for family and friends to be in good health. They are what make my world go round and round.
I hope to remain employed. Work is good. I have been fortunate to always have a job I love.
I hope to read about less fatalities and sufferings in our turbulent region -- for those countries struggling against tyranny to witness a new dawn.
I hope rape and sexual violence will fade away -- that the rapist or assaulter is punished, not the victim.
I hope there will be less road victims, especially at the start of the year. Please don’t drink and drive, don’t use your mobile phones while driving. Stay safe.
I hope to be able to keep writing. Maybe, one day, Mich Café will go viral!
I hope to keep smiling and to remain positive… the rest is not important.
I wish my readers a Happy New Year. This blog is my passion and you make it all worthwhile.
May your hopes and wishes come true as well.