Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dearest Mom, it’s Spring…

My Mom, Victoria
I think of you every moment of the day, but it’s Mother’s Day again… and the first day of Spring, our favorite month.
All I will hear today is friends’ wishes to their moms and it makes me miss you even more.
It doesn’t get easier, even after 22 years, to keep going without your love, warmth, sense of humor, wit, wisdom and presence.
You gave resilience and coping, in sickness and in health, a whole new meaning. These are lessons I have learnt for a lifetime.
The first thing I asked out loud, a minute after you left us is, “What will I do now?”
Well, although the pain doesn’t go away, I have learnt to live with it and manage as best I can.
You would have enjoyed the computer age. I think your Facebook page would have been full of friends. You would have been the queen of Twitter’s social and political discussions. Skype would have been perfect for you to talk to family and friends. You were always the star at any gathering and social networks would have been just your things.
It's Spring...
As I was telling you, it’s the first day of Spring. I have petunias on my windowsill and bougainvillea on my trellises. But I still haven’t found our favorite fuchsias in Dubai. I will keep looking.
The palm trees are beginning to grow dates in anticipation of Ramadan in July and the pavements and roundabouts here in Dubai are carpeted with pink, purple and white petunias. It looks magnificent.
But it doesn’t look so good around us. Palestine is still occupied, Syria is bleeding and Lebanon is on the brink…
This Mother’s Day is therefore dedicated to you, dearest Vicky, who I love and miss, but also to the courageous mothers of Palestine, Syria and Lebanon.
You loved Marcel Khalife mom, and no Mother’s Day is complete without his “Ommi” (Arabic for “my mom”).
God bless…

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