Thursday, November 11, 2010

Salsa in Beirut

The Salsa tweetup photos
I think that by now, everyone knows that I am in Beirut on holiday for three weeks to meet up with my sister Asma and see family, friends and, of course, my Twitter "family."

It was just the right time, as a Salsa Tweetup was organized by Danielle Baiz (@meinlebanon) for Wednesday night (November 10). It was an occasion I just couldn't miss.

We all gathered for Salsa night at El Gardel in the hip Beirut district of Gemmayzeh -- what used to be a residential street, now taken over on both sides by restaurants, pubs, cafes...

There were more than 30 of us, some meeting for the first time and recognizing each other from our Twitter avatars. There was a lot of hugging, kissing and then dancing and catching up.

When I thought we were winding down and getting ready to leave, I was absolutely amazed and in tears when two cakes were carried in with firecrackers on top and everyone gathered to wish me a Happy Birthday. They had done that on line on Monday (November 8) and I thought the celebrations were all over.
But not at all!! Jennifer Haddad, George Zamroud, Bahaa and Hussam Al-Oueini had ordered two cakes for us to celebrate together. One of them was a very special Mich Café cake, with a cup of coffe on top, designed and baked by Chef Noor of the new Le Gustav pâtisseries off Hamra Street.

Thank you all for being so thoughtful, thank you for coming and thank you for making  my birthday unforgettable and my stay in Beirut so special.