Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lebanon’s 2012 Twitter honor list

There are so many lists that come out at this time of year -- looking back at 2011 and ahead into 2012. The one I always look forward to is Youssef Alam’s on his blog Joe’s Box.

For the second year running, I am there, under my twitter handle @mich1mich. It’s like being on the Queen’s Honor List! Queen Elizabeth’s honors are bestowed twice a year -- at New Year's and on the British monarch's official birthday in June. Most of the honors go to people who are not in the limelight, for services to community or industry, but they also reward a sprinkling of famous faces.

Joe gives a rundown of people to follow on social media platform Twitter. He says in his blog post on January 2:

New to Twitter? You don’t know who to follow? Here are some of my favorite tweeps with different interests. They share information, positive energy, interesting and funny stuff…

This year make sure to follow 12 “Lebanese Birds” who tweet regularly and make the timeline special and 100 percent Lebanese:
  1. Funky bird: @funkyozzi Serious Funky girl tweeting about technology, communication and writer of many interesting blogs.
  2. Designer bird@mayametni  Visual communication consultant and creative director twitting only creativity. 
  3. Artist Bird: @Halamoubarak Activist with an artist’s touch. Make sure to follow her blog.
  4. Friendly Bird@mich1mich spreading only kindness and positive energy.
  5. Beirut bird@beirutspring Tweeting everything about Lebanon, including politics.
  6. Marketing bird:@sdarine Tweeting interesting marketing links.
  7. Funny bird@Uxsoup Tweeting technology tips, tricks, trends and some (R-18) quotes.
  8. Social Media bird:@pas_M Tweeting very interesting social media and  marketing links.
  9. Photographer bird :@Footnem  Nice photography tweets.
  10. Smart bird: @_Archangelus_  Smart and funniest tweets.
  11. Intellectual bird: @NasriAtallah Our man in Beirut.
  12. Hummus bird: @Hummusnation  Takes daily Lebanon news by the ankles and dangles it from the highest floor in Burj el-Murr until it cries for mercy.

I would definitely add Joe to this list and make it a lucky 13!

You can check out Joe’s 2011 List "11 Birds to Follow in 2011" and add your views and comments on his blog, at @JoesBox on twitter, or JoesBox on Facebook.

Thanks Joe, it’s a real honor to be on the list and in such good company!