Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Wajiha!

Birthday wishes to Wajiha
Continuing the New Year celebrations on Saturday (January 1), a group of us gathered to help Wajiha Said (@wajihasaid on Twitter) celebrate her 26th birthday.

I met Wajiha, who is a systems analyst, exactly a year ago and the credit for that goes to Twitter for bringing virtual friends together. Come to think of it, all of us gathered at Jumeirah’s Central Perk café last night met through the Social Media platform and became friends. And there are always one or two new faces that join the group.

Yasmin, Wajiha, Karla, Paul, Alison and PK
Wajiha, who is also a photographer and one of the most interesting and entertaining people to follow on Twitter and is just back from a trip to South Africa. We always follow her travels through the amazing photos she shares with us online.

It was a fine way to share the first evening of 2011 and be treated to a delicious buffet,and excellent deserts, coffees, teas and juices.

Wajiha, Karla, Paul and the Honey Bears
Some amusement was courtesy of the “Honey Bears Merriment” toy Wajiha received from Paul and Karla. Apart from its very addictive and annoying sound, there were a few good suggestions as to what else could be done with Honey Bears.

Also enjoying Wajiha’s hospitality and a great evening were PK Gulati, Alison, Yasmine, Ahsan, Andrew, Lynn, Shru, Faisal, Nausheen, Shaahima, Ken and Nabila. Those who missed the fun can join us here.

Happy Birthday Wajiha!