Monday, January 24, 2011

Mich Café on air!

I am very proud, excited and a happy bunny today! Mich Café and I have been invited to join six  Middle East bloggers on Dubai Eye 103.8 radio's Techno Tuesday show tomorrow morning (January 25).

The show is hosted by Suzanne Radford and Alexander McNabb, Group Account Director at Spot On Public Relations and who my regular readers have heard a lot about. (Also see "GeekFest Dubai: Charity, animation and heels," January 21)

I would have loved to go to the Dubai Eye studio in Studio City, but you know how I feel about driving. I will be participating over the telephone.

Suzanne and Alexander will be joined in the studio by:
In their own words, "We lived in Dubai from 1977 to 1984, visited on a couple of holidays, then moved back again in 2005. We came because we wanted to watch the incredible development as it happened -- when we get tired of it we'll go back to Australia."
Some call him Husain in real life and he says he's "a 30 something year old Jordanian living in Dubai. I’ve been blogging for a while now, but had to start from scratch when my host deleted all my previous posts, due to non-payment... I have a host of interests that include, but are not limited to: movies, music, books, politics, journalism, public relations, social media, technology, gadgets, sports and the internets."
Sarah Walton
Sarah's photographic blog launched last October and "details the trials of photography lessons by an absolute novice. Includes a diary of my photos, the set assignments, and some skewiff instructions which may have been misinterpreted during the lessons. Beautiful Dubai showcases."
Bebhinn Kelly
Perhaps the Middle East's only professional fashion blogger who will "tell you about anything that shows up on our fashion radar."

And joining the Dubai Today show over the telephone will be myself (at 11.15 am), and:

Sara Refai (11 am)
Ussa is the Arabic word for story, "and we each have one. I'm currently in Palestine volunteering as a teacher in Nablus."

Roba Al Assi (11.30 am)
Roba will be talking from Jordan and started her blog in 2004 as "a place to save ideas that motivate, inspire, or touch the imagination of Roba. With time, an Arab blogging community emerged and as a result of interaction with other bloggers, the space became more personal." Roba has too many interests to list here, you'll jut have to visit her space. She heads MarketingHubME, a marketer’s website from

After two hours of this Blogathon, you will either be visiting a lot of blogs or you'll never want to see one again! Which will it be?

Please tune in tomorrow, Tuesday (January 25), from 10 am to 12 pm Dubai time on Dubai Eye 103.8FM to listen to the show (11am to 1pm KSA, 8 am to 10 am Beirut). You can also listen to Dubai Today via Dubai Eye 103.8FM’s live audio streaming.