Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Radio Blogathon

Alexander, SeaBee, Bebhinn, Hussein and Sara
It was blog heaven on Tuesday morning (January 25). For two hours, eight Middle East bloggers took to the airwaves on Dubai Eye 103.8.

The weekly Dubai Today “Techno Tuesday” show, hosted by Suzanne Radford and co-hosted by Alexander McNabb, a blogger extraordinaire himself at Fake Plastic Souks, was entirely dedicated to this new form of conversation, diary keeping and postcards (see “Mich Cafe on air,” January 24).

I was really excited to have made it to Dubai Eye in Studio City thanks to Sarah Walton who kindly offered to pick me up on her way there. It’s quite thrilling to see how a radio show works. Suzanne is smooth and relaxed and Alexander, who is among many other things, group account director at Spot PR Public Relations, well... he’s just like a fish in water in front of the microphone.

Present in the studio with Suzanne, Alexander and myself representing Mich Cafe, were:

SeaBee -- Life in Dubai
Hussein al Tammimi -- Who-sane’s rants

Sarah Walton -- Sandpit Diaries

Bebhinn Kelly -- Hellawafashion

 And by phone from Palestine and Jordan:

Sara Refai -- Ussa Nabulsiyeh

Roba Al Assi -- AndFarAway

It was extremely interesting to hear "the who, what, where, why and when of blogging," and at what price different points of views; how blogging is becoming mainstream and bloggers newsmakers; how a blog post can save a life… But, the outstanding common denominator bloggers definitely share, whatever they write about, is the passion we put into our posts.

From Dubai Eye 103.8
You can hear the podcast of Tuesday's Dubai Today Techno Tuesday show here join us and meet some of the Dubai bloggers in these photos.