Tuesday, August 3, 2010


 A video made by Sissham to the beautiful The Beatles song, Blackbird. Solo by Paul McCartney

Speaking of feathers... birds and their different songs are a big part of my life. What better way to wake up than to the flute-like song of a Blackbird? In London, at the end of a long, cold January, it was a sure sign that spring was in the air -- although it would take another six months to actually hit the ground. Or maybe spring is always in my head! And at dusk, when the Blackbird perches to mark its territory and flirt with the females, well...

It is one of those striking birds I miss in Dubai, but we have our fair share of beautiful birds and sounds. And I am lucky to live in a garden that houses three aviaries of the most gorgeous Lovebirds. Although, they aren't exactly concert material, their chirping and twittering is the first thing I hear in the morning.

The Lovebirds in my garden
I once heard the most magical recording of British cellist Jaqueline du Pre playing to the accompaniment of Nightingales in her back garden. I looked for it online for many years but have yet to find it. And I'm sure it wasn't a dream.

I also had, for a few unforgettable years, one of the most loving and lovable, enjoyable, intelligent and fun friends -- a blue budgie called Pussycat (don't ask!!). It is truly amazing that such a small feathered creature can give so much pleasure, comfort and joy.

Listening to the Blackbirds one morning with my mum, Vicky, she whispered :"Oh, to be a bird and fly away," which she did soon after.

And so this week's Haiku is dedicated to the Blackbirds and other feathered friends that always remind me of Vicky:

The Blackbird

The Blackbird came back

Perched, fluttered, began his song

And I thought of you...