Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I met an Angel!

An Angel: Richard fitting the battery
I met an Angel today.

I had a bit of drama, which is no bad thing, except it was played out in 46 degrees heat!! My little car, that you met last week, let me down at high noon! The battery died.

It was parked right in front of Choitrams, Safa Park, when it refused to start. I don't know much about cars and really didn't know what to do. I had to get out as it was like a burning oven inside. Practically in tears and with a trunk full of shopping I had done for some friends, I looked around for help but there weren't many people or cars at that hour.

And then, a white 4x4 drove up on the sand right next to me. I started waving and walked up to the gentleman and asked if he could try starting the car, in case I was doing something wrong. He said, "No problem." He tried, but it didn't work. So he said he would jump-start it. He got his car closer, plugged the cables, but the little Daihatsu was being cheeky. So he said he would drive me to get a battery.

We went to one petrol station on Beach Road that didn't have the right model and then to a second one in Al Qoz. We then came back and my Angel fitted the battery. By then, we were both dripping in sweat, but he didn't seem to mind. His smile never left his lips. He said his wife had a similar incident a couple of weeks ago.

He was very easy going and dismissive about being put through all this trouble. He didn't seem to mind at all. I couldn't believe my luck and was embarrassed by so much kindness. We did introduce ourselves. I know his name is Richard. He is South African and works with horses at Nad al Shiba. If you know him, please tell him again how grateful I am.

The "Rolls," now pleased with its new battery, started immediately and was ready to go.

And as we said our goodbyes, I couldn't resist a hub. God Bless you Richard for your time and kindness.

Yes, I believe in Angels. They are all around us. And I met one today.