Friday, August 20, 2010

Emma's star

My star and angel

I was really sorry to miss the Perseid meteor shower last week but luckily shared in its magic through the breathtaking photos (see here) of my friend Abir G. (@abzzyy), a Lebanese photographer, blogger and software engineer.

But then, I have my own shooting star... It comes from a Xmas cracker.

I love crackers. There's always one little gift, among all the useless items that pop out, that's going to be functional -- like those tiny photo frames.

I would share Xmas lunch with my brother and his family. Oh, and of course Sydney, their black Labrador.

One Xmas, many years ago, my niece Emma got a star in her cracker and gave it to me, knowing I would like it. That night, I stuck it on my bed's headboard and when I put out the light, it glowed in the dark.

I have changed beds and countries many times since, but it's always there. It's the last thing I see at night and the first in the morning.

Move forward a few years, and one cracker yielded an Angel, but I can't remember who got it. It still ended up with me and pairs well with the star.

This week's Haiku is dedicated to Emma:

Emma's star

Do you remember?

It fell out of a cracker...

Your star now guides me